Guardian is a Proudly South African Brand

Situated in Johannesburg, Guardian focuses mainly on the production of 3-ply face masks.


There is a minimum restriction of 40 masks per order. These can be 40 single colour masks or 4 (10pc) packs of different colour masks.  

lady wearing purple face mask
gentleman wearing carbon black face mask
gentleman wearing green face mask

For your children

For you

Please note: Delivery in Gauteng and surrounds should take 3-5 business days, and outlying areas will take 5-7 business days from day of dispatch.

Why Choose Us

When you partner with Guardian you get the most efficient, effective and affordable 3-ply masks with exceptional service.

Manufactured locally, by a great team of passionate and dedicated people with a wide range of expertise.

Guardian masks have undergone all quality tests.

Guardian products are low cost and high quality.

Guardian masks are 100% locally manufactured.


Here is what some Guardian mask wearing customers have to say.

Oriel Carolin

Digital Strategist

"Guardian masks are comfortable, easy to wear for extended times and don’t irritate my sensitive skin or ears."


"I'm very pleased with how this mask is made. You do not feel any pain even when wearing it. The top part of the mask you can bend it over the nose for comfort and to improve your breathing even while doing heavy work.

The fabric used to make these face masks is softer on the skin.

This Guardian mask is the only one I recommend, it can help many people during this difficult time of COVID 19 and you can wear it all day. Once you buy it you will see the great work done by these experts who know what people need and are good at preventing diseases.

Thanks guys I'm very impressed and please keep doing the good job."

Takura Mutambe

Gardener / Landscaper

Lauren Clair

ESL Teacher

"Having worn both the funky cloth masks everyone is sporting and Guardian's medical mask, I must say I much prefer Guardian's mask as it is easy on the ears, doesn't get caught in my hair, and it's super easy to breathe in especially when taking my dog for a run, also I don't have to worry about my makeup transferring onto the mask and having to struggle to wash it out, I just grab another mask, and I'm good to go. It's convenient, comfortable, efficient and it makes me feel like a Doctor."