Our Branded masks are manufactured in a fully automated process that increases sterility of product and ensures a high level of product consistency. The ear-loops are ultra-comfortable and the flexible nose bridge offers the best possible fitment.

High quality ultrasonic welding all around for even quality and look from this non-woven fabric which is soft, comfortable, breathable, non-toxic and moisture proof.

Special 3 ply non-woven design provides protection against dust, exhaust fumes, pollen, and viruses such as Covid-19. The ear band design is easy to use and easy to carry and puts no pressure on the ears. The inner layer is made of soft facial tissue, no dye and gentle to the skin.

The benefit of using non-woven polypropylene (spunbond)
The benefit of using melt blown material 

Other Benefits

Elastic ear loops

These are made of soft latex-free material and ultrasonic welded onto the side support strips of the mask. This prevents irritation, eliminates pressure on the ear and is durable.

Environmentally friendly

The non-woven polypropylene used is glass free and is seen as a more friendly to our environment than woven polypropelene.


Polypropylene is highly impermeable to water.
In a 24-hour soak test, the material absorbs less than 0.01% of its weight in water.


Polypropylene fibers are made to repel allergens and inhibit mold growth, meaning that they won’t house or release allergens into the air.

Easy Fit

The 3 pleats in the mask allow you to pull it down to cover the entire area from the top of your nose to the bottom of your chin.

Automatic ultrasonic bonding

The machine uses the mask material itself to form a bond, without introducing glues or adhesives to meet a wide range of medical and non-medical application requirements.

Adjustable soft nose bar strip

The nose strip can easily bend to mould the shape of anyone's nasal bridge.

Excellent breathability

The soft, odourless, and non-irritating design allows for good ventilation.


The triple layer construction provides stronger support to the mask

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