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Both ear loops and tie-backs are available, however, tie-backs are manufactured in limited quantities at the moment.  This production capacity will increase in time.

On occasion visitors are allowed access to the factory with prior arrangement.

Our fully automated machines have the capacity to produce up to 7 million masks a month.  We manage this capacity carefully against orders, as well as the necessary maintenance of our equipment.

Due to the high spec automated process of our equipment, there is no human intervention from start to finish in the making of the Guardian masks.  This ensures a consistent high quality, superior product that is readily available to the South African market.

We are always happy to discuss price options on bulk orders.

We have designed and manufacture children’s masks. These are designed for (but not limited to) children aged 6-13.

We have set up strategic partnerships and have the ability to provide nitrile gloves, residual disinfecting services and sanitization and sanitizers.

Cloth masks, although affordable as a once off purchase, do not provide adequate protection, are not manufactured with any specific specifications, are not tested by any approved body, and above all, are difficult to breathe in.  They are not a long term solution for a lifestyle that may be around for quite some time.

Kindly allow 3-5 business for Gauteng and surrounds. and  5-7 business days for anything further from day of dispatch.

Yes, the minimum masks per order is 40 units. These can be 40 units of a single colour or you are able to choose 4 packs of 10 different colours.

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Children's Masks

Guardian has designed and manufactured 3-ply medical grade face masks for children aged 6-13 years.

Adult's Masks

Guardian has designed a range of 3-ply medical grade face masks for adults.